LICHTER Streetview

Steetview hoch   LICHTER Streetview In 2013, a new festival section will rise up as part of the LICHTER – Filmfest Frankfurt International: Lichter Streetview! LICHTER uses a variety of media to recapture the seemingly lost urban space with the help of cinema and projection. As one of the first film festivals in the German-speaking region, new forms of cinema and methods of projection are discovered, in order to move urban locations back into focus and render them tangible again.

An adventure playground for all

The LICHTER Film Festival would like to contrast the, for consumption adapted, city center with the LICHTER Streetview and to dislocate the perception of the city. Everyone is invited to participate and through this reclaim the space of their city. How can the moving image in the urban context provide meaning? The competition is open to film makers, architects, cinema makers, artists, street and urban art activists who realise their ideas in Frankfurt in the context of the LICHTER Film Festival, thereby creating an event that is encouraging a sense of community. Whether experimental formats or classical narration – the film develops itself.

The new section will be accompanied by a blog called LICHTER Streetview. Please recommend us – to your friends and acquaintances, to other artists and »interventionists«! The blog has just started and we have publishing just a few examples, but I promise: this is changing and is likely to change more rapidly than you expect. If you want to participate with your work or vision at LICHTER Streetview, please contact us.

LICHTER Streetview will be first presented as a part of LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt and takes place at Roßmarkt from 3/22 to 3/23/2013.

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