Februar 2011


A short narrative about human interplanetary exploration. The story is little too childish, but the animation is brilliant.

MARS! from Joe Bichard


This is one of my alltime favorite collage artists named Belkemigi. His charming anatomic fashion mashups are hard to top.





Ja, ja, ja, schon klar. Wer mag, kann und will Playmobil in Stop Motion? Ist da nicht alles gesagt? Fast. Das hier, das ist gut: Joy Divisions »Transmission«. Eins der besten Lieder, die je geschrieben wurden…

The Last Minecart

Guys, I’m scared… this video is sooo nasty!!! MINECRAFT: The Last Minecart.

The end of days are upon us. Zombies now walk the earth 24/7. The ultimate weapon must be crafted so that Niko and Sam can escape on the last remaining minecart out of the infected city!