Juni 2011

fashion dolls

Sander Reijgers makes fashion of inflatable sex dolls. It seems as if the material is waterproof and ideal especially for bad weather. Available at selected stores or may not.

Material World

Totem, pillar, sculpture or pile of garbage – call it as you want. Either way, »Material World« by David Welch has the right touch.

»Beer Totem«

»Box Totem«

»Laundry Totem«



Artist Myeongbeom Kim is a master in bringing together things which have nothing to do with one another. Therefore: Visit his portfolio.

»chair«, oak tree (left) + »untitled«, taxidermy, trashbag (right)

»imigration«, boat, oak tree, lawn

Podcast June 2011

For the cover I used a picture by Dalibor Levíček [CC BY-NC-SA]

So let’s see what’s in this month: lot of advanced Pop, Christian Bale, drunken guitars, perfect tracks for a night ride and enough left to dance. Should be fun, shouldn’t it.
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  1. U.N.O.M. – Neva Came Back [Ill Tempo Recordings 002]
  2. Homeless Inc – You Win! [Musica Vermella 016]
  3. Nyolfen – West Pole [Bunkai-Kei records 015]
  4. La Fin Absolute Du Monde – Why So Serious? [Soundcloud]
  5. Lost Boy – Hemmorhages 1&2 / DF’s Mansion [Bad Panda Records 084]
  6. Lorne David Thomson – Tenkan [ping things 026]
  7. F.S.Blumm/Lucrecia Dalt – s.o.y. [la bèl netlabel 009]
  8. Rebeka – Fail [Brennnessel 012]
  9. To The Happy Few – Kirkebrann [Beko svnsns]
  10. Wonder Wheel – Party in the Bathroom [Beko dsl lp 06]
  11. Rho – J W 2 [No Source 031]
  12. Melomake – Minimal Sad [Night Music 07]
  13. Buck UK – Once [Cut 003]
  14. Modul – Beauty Among The Runners [Fuselab Passage 018c]
  15. examine – be square (stoika remix) [Silenced 10]
  16. max cavalerra – cheezy fcking freak out eazy [broque 073]
  17. Bachelor Machines – 4mnt [Fwonk 077]
  18. Illocanblo – Smurf Pulser [Fwonk 081]
  19. Dogboy – Aleph [Fullfridge Music 003]
  20. The Crossfaders – Deep Drop [Starquake Records 000]

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