Oktober 2011

Wenn der beste Freund Facebook heißt

Wer auf Facebook etwas »löscht«, versteckt die Daten meist nur vor sich selbst. Max Schrems hat Akteneinsicht beantragt und war schockiert: In nur drei Jahren sammelte das Online-Imperium 1.222 Seiten an persönlichen Daten über ihn. »Auf Facebook kannst du nichts löschen« schreibt er, und noch viel mehr (Quelle: F.A.Z. – Link entfernt wg. LSR – Edit roland)


Seen in the city of Euro. It looked really good and I am wondering if a letter claiming responsibility will soon be published for this evil deed.

Currency Collages

The one dollar bill is the most ubiquitous piece of paper in America. Collage asks the question: what might be done to make it something else? Here is the result. Mark Wagner with Currency Collages.


After The Final Curtain

»After The Final Curtain« is a great project by NYC based photographer Matt Lambros documenting run down theaters throughout the United States.

Loew’s Palace Theatre – Bridgeport, Connecticut

The upper level of the lobby area that leads to the balcony.

The Orpheum Theatre – New Bedford, Massachusetts

Very recommended is also 75 Abandoned Theaters From Around The USA, a great, but bittersweet compilation of many historic theaters that are left abandoned, doomed to die.


The days are getting colder so that proper precautions must be taken for activities in the public. The archtitects H3T, based in Prague, have some good ideas to resist the cold of winter. Please note that brilliant bike sauna, a transportable sweat lodge pulled by a tandem bicycle. Of course, better than beer bikes (sorry for this comparison).

»Bicycle Sauna Kolonok«, 2011

»Tea House Muštelka«, 2010


»Tea House ČD«, 2011

Yesterday Euphoria

First video for the new Like A Stuntman album »YOY« (or »why, oh why«?), released today by Bureau B.

Like A Stuntman formed in 2001 in Frankfurt am Main. Half of the band moved to Hamburg soon thereafter. Their first album was released in 2005 on the English label Highpoint Lowlife. Then the highly praised »Original Bedouin Culture« came out on Bureau B in 2009. »YOY« is now their third record.

yesterday euphoria from like a stuntman.