Januar 2012

The Best Mixtapes Of 2011

This is the last list so far, I promise, but allow yourself a little help with the many mixtapes you can get on the internet: The best mixtapes of 2011 carried out by The Guardian. Don’t worry, the Jamie xx link is not working and you have to scroll to find the Tyler Pope Mix, but the rest can be find simply.

My First Hardcore Song

Very talented and highly skilled«: »8 yr old Juliet teamed up with the hottest producer Rob Sharpe this school holidays and smashed out this brutal track. Juliet takes you on a journey of her love for her dog, Robert and how her pet fish stink even though Juliet has zero sense of smell. The Australian Hardcore scene will never be the same!!«


Flux Pavilion & Doctor P – »Superbad«. Well known dubstep producers, Flux Pavilion and Doctor P teamed up for »Superbad«. This stylish music video was directed and animated by James Swindells & Andrew Robinson.

Flux Pavilion & Doctor P – Superbad

Die Macht der Straße

hr2 Der Tag: »Die Macht der Straße – Demonstration zwischen Revolution und Routine« anlässlich der Frankfurter Ausstellung »Demonstrationen« im Frankfurter Kunstverein.

Beschreibung: Es ist mal wieder so weit. Die Menschheit steht vor einem neuen und globalen 68. Das zumindest behaupten die Macher der Frankfurter Ausstellung -Demonstrationen-. Vom Werden normativer Ordnungen. Vielleicht haben sie recht. Die Show zeigt nachdrücklich, wie die Menschheit ihre jeweiligen Wendezeiten erzwungen hat, auf der Straße nämlich, und wie ihre Geschichte immer begleitet wurde von einer speziellen Demonstrations-Ästhetik – vom Plakat bis hin zur Performance. Die Aufstände in Arabien und Russland, Occupy und andere Bewegungen könnten die These von der neuen Wendezeit bestätigen. Twittern und Facebook ? das sind nur Vorspiele beim Kampf um die Macht. Ernst wird es, wenn die Menschen auf die Straße gehen und kämpfen, der kollektive Körper zur Waffe wird. Dumm nur, wenn manchmal auch die anderen gewinnen.

Podcast vom 19.01.2012

Top Music Videos 2011 – No. 5-1

Here are the final five. Please complement this personal list by leaving a comment.

5. Fair Ohs – »Everything is Dancing« directed by Dave Ma. The truth about Batman and Robin as we have not known it before. Ma definitely established the better looking superhero duo. Perhaps, a little lazy and saving the world is not as important as having a large dinner, but also heroes need time off. Moreover, band and video deserve a lot more attention than they have been getting. Please take note.

Fair Ohs – Everything Is Dancing from Fair Ohs

4. Panda Bear – »Surfer’s Hymn« directed by Sam Fleischner and the Brooklyn-based creative company m ss ng p eces. This music video is a tribute to all the surfers taken by the sea. Shot in black and white, it follows skeletons who rise from the dead, get their surfboards and make their way towards the sounds of the waves. Pretty neat idea. Don’t miss the other major ghosts video of 2011, Toro y Mois »How I Know«.

Panda Bear – Surfer’s Hymn from m ss ng p eces

3. David Lynch – »Good Day Today« directed by Arnold de Parscau. Great creepiness again. Back in 2010, Lynch announced a music video contest where directors were invited to submit their own music video creations to any of his songs. The master of mystery made the right choice: the winning video was directed by Arnold de Parscau, a reminiscent of Lynch’s own cinematical work. »Crazy Clown Time« marks Lynch’s solo debut as a musical artist.

David Lynch – Good Day Today from Arnold de Parscau

2. New Romance – »Miles Fisher«. Miles Fisher, cast member of »Final Destination 5« and viral video hit-maker extraordinaire, made this music clip called »New Romance«. The clip is a bloody parody of the american television sitcom »Saved By The Bell«. The short comes from American Psycho producer Jake Avnet and director Dave Green. Highschool is killer!

New Romance – Miles Fisher from Dave Green

1. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – »Ponponpon« directed by Jun Tamukai. As I wrote in July 2011: can not be topped! Flying eyes and toasted bread, a hat made of fruits, candy canes, tons of puppets, over-sized goose, skulls and a consistently charming singer. »Ponponpon« is by definition overloaded as nothing I have seen this year. A nice little trip through the gardens of kitsch. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a model, blogger, and, most recently, recording artist from Harajuku. »Ponponpon« is her psychedelic tribute to Kawaisa and Decora culture.

Podcast January 2012

Machtdose Podcast January 2012

For the cover I used a photo by SuperFantastic [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Happy new year, we’re late this month, but here you go. We have – among other things – jazzy tunes, Advanced Pop, but surprisingly this time not the obvious dance tracks. Have fun.

  1. Ginferno – Telescopic Eye
  2. Anitek – Circles [Dusted Wax Kingdom 114]
  3. Blossom – Noon’s bourg [Export Label]
  4. dFAD3R – Crab Style [Dusted Wax Kingdom 113]
  5. Abigail Press – Drifting Dawn [Melodica 019]
  6. Lisbonne – So Long [Beko 96]
  7. Karibean – Gregorian Spring [EardrumsPop 19]
  8. Anika’s Basement Show – This Is What I Hear
  9. he died while hunting – thin mountain air [totokoko 25]
  10. Toni Higgins – When I Dive It Just Feels Normal [Bump Foot foot194]
  11. Pleq – Someone Like Comes Into Your Life (feat. Fraqusea) [Leaves 001]
  12. Veell – Ifyou (feat. E-few)
  13. Possimiste – The Flight of Lulu
  14. Keinzweiter – Hexatic Blossoms (Supralist Remix) [Spontanmusik 021]
  15. Eufoteoria – Paradox 27 [Música Vermella 020]
  16. Liquid – Beauté [Expert Recordings 006 / Bomboncitos Compilation by phlow.es]
  17. mix-toor – Moving Forward (Secret DNA) [dystopiaq 028]
  18. Trois – Banana Saturees [Midinette records 26]
  19. Sebastian Love – I, the Shadows (feat. Is) [Starquake Records 006]
  20. T Bird – Living This Life To Death [23 Seconds 068]

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Top Music Videos 2011 – No. 10-6

10. Spoek Mathambo – »Control« directed by Pieter Hugo. Great video, every sequence and every frame is brought to the point. With a lot of wows and ohhhs. »Control« is a cover of the Joy Division classic »She’s Lost Control« of the 24 year-old South African producer and musician Spoek Mathambo. The video was shot in Langa (Cape Town) with the help of the local dance troupe, Happy Feet. The song itself is only medium.

Spoek Mathambo – Control from spoek mathambo

9. Fucked Up – »Queen of Hearts« directed by Scott Cudmore. A slightly confused teacher leads her class through a rendition of Fucked Up’s »Queen Of Hearts«. An epic battle of boys vs. girls, which ends with an ominous blurring of »reality« and artifice.

Fucked Up – Queen of Hearts from Scott Cudmore

8. St. Vincent – »Cruel« directed by directed by Terri Timely. »Cruel« is a comedy of horrors in which St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) is kidnapped by a mom-starved family, who proceed to torment the singer before sending her to an early grave. Literally. »Cruel« has got something disturbing and a great creepiness.

St. Vincent – Cruel from Arianna Tomasettig

7. Woodkids – »Iron« directed by Yoann Lemoine. Great shots, the stage-setting is clean and artificial, the atmosphere dramatic and the use of a super slow motion reveals even more detail of motion. Yoann Lemoine tends to exaggerate easily. The clip to Woodkids song »Iron« is highly confusing and leaves you speechless for a while. The only drawback is that the song itself is not so good.

Woodkid – Iron from WOODKID

6. Skrillex – First Of the Year (Equinox) directed by HK Corp. By now everyone must realise that 2011 was the year of the children. Remember Manchester Orchestras »Simple Math« (Winner Video of the Year 2011 UK Music Video Awards), Is Tropicals »The Greeks« or Modeselektors »Shipwreck«. Wherever you look: children play a key role, often in violent actions or, as in the case of Skrillex, in a very creepy story. This video did a million views in its first week of release (now more than 20 million) – not that bad for a dubstep artist.

Skrillex – First Of the Year from HK Corp