April 2012


Mouse on Mars – »Polaroyced« taken from »Parastrophics« (Monkeytown Records), directed by Polynoid. »We now have to sing about the world economic crisis and the end of capitalism and all its currencies. From now on, we pay with inner values made of pure gold. What’s good and worthy, we will only see with the ‘Polaroyced’ view, right?« (Jan St. Werner)

Mouse on Mars – Polaroyced (Directors Cut)

Podcast April 2012

Machtdose Podcast April 2012
For the cover I used a photo by Carol Sawada [CC BY-NC 2.0]

I think, this is quite an episode! Lots of fun to make it. We have, simply said, nearly everthing. Most talented Singersongwriters, dope / sick Hiphop beats, a choir singing Video game tunes, broken dance melodies – and Dubstep proving it IS based on alien death threats. Leave a comment, fellow listeners, to say what you think about it.

  1. Malefique – Drop [Grappa Frisbee Records 039]
  2. Nujab3x – Luv Sic For The Rhyme Spit
  3. Niteffect – Loop for Life [GnS Compilation]
  4. MuteMornings – On The Ceiling
  5. Run Dan Run – Lovesick Animal [Hearts and Plugs]
  6. MeDo’s Little Trap* – Lake [La bèl netlabel 014]
  7. Ed Tullett – Father Figurine
  8. Ed Tullett – Teeth
  9. mmpsuf – The rooms [Sutemos 031]
  10. Mike Holstein – in the clear
  11. Video Game Music Choir – Nightsong
  12. Sandro Chiaravalle – grid 1-8 [Ephedrina 025]
  13. EKT – Paprika [Amok Recordings]
  14. Ganucheau – earth [False Profit Records]
  15. edPorth – Make room
  16. The Cyclist – Technicolor! (beaunoise Remix) [Crash Symbols]
  17. Parallels and Lies vs. CTRL_ALT_DSTRY – Stampede (#godcode re-edit)
  18. knife city – just trash [8bitpeoples 125]
  19. Seki Yukio feat. Mr. Blackout – Liberty Island [Subbass subBASSTARDS 2]
  20. RedRaw – On Fire [Subbass subBASSTARDS 2]

*Sorry to MeDo’s Little Trap: Said the band’s name incorrectly in the show and also it’s now wrong on the cover. Dumb me. I beg your pardon.

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