Oktober 2012

The Moses Bridge

Who says, that a bridge allways has to built across the river? This incredible sunken bridge located in the Netherlands is giving visitors a fascinating walk through a beautiful 17th Century Dutch fort. Yes, the waters have parted! The Dutch architecture office RO & AD Architects designed a bridge for the West Brabant Water Line in Halsteren, Netherlands.

Moses Bridge



Experimenting with space: sculptures and stencils created by NeSpoon, who describes her work as »jewelry of the public space«.

Abandoned factory outside of Torino, Italy

Participation in the exhibition »Art Kitchen Foundation«, Franciacorta, Italy

Participation in the exhibition »Sub Urb Art 2«, Torino, Italy

The Facadeprinter

This great invention will certainly never change the world, but will find its place in the world of machines: »The Facadeprinter is a simple software controlled robot. It consists of a turn table with two axes and an air-pressure print head. The printer shoots the artwork from a distance dot by dot onto the chosen area. Using this method, inaccessible and uneven surfaces can be used for large scale prints. Artworks can be printed on buildings without costly scaffolding. The Facadeprinter is also a communication-tool. Even the application of the artwork is part of the message; straight and direct. A work of art is converted to a vector or pixel file and shot dot by dot onto the facade. The viewer watches the emerging artwork like the drawing of a magic pen.«

Kopf Kino

Shopping trolleys have become somehow part of the visual memory of art history. The newest trolley-based work comes from artist collective on/off. The device itself is constructed from a modified trolley filled with car batteries, a projector and computer held in place with cable ties. Read more about the practical use at designboom