November 2015

Sea Moya – Twins

Sea Moya - Twins Twins ist eine kleine Schatzkiste, zum Mögen, mit Soundteilchen aus aller Herren Länder. Der Computer als Vermittlungsstelle zwischen Psychedelic, Krautrock, Afrobeat und Electronic Funk.

10 Years Machtdose Podcast: The Compilation


10 years ago we’ve started our podcast, so it’s time to celebrate (which I do in three different posts)! I’ve packed 22 tracks we’ve presented in these last years into one compilation. It’s no „Best-of“ – as it is impossible to pick out the „best“ from a corpus of nearly 2,000 tracks that we played in these 116 podcast episodes so far (we also had additionally some extras, but later about them).
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Miles To Empty

Artist Shannon Goff could probably not resist. She was born into the world of cars and engines. Curse or blessing? Most recently she created her grandfather’s 1979 Lincoln Continental in cardboard. »Miles To Empty« explores the car as a metaphor for the complexities of American life in general, and for her own experiences as a native of the city of Detroit specifically«, she let us know.

»Miles to Empty«, 2015, 19' x 6'5" x 4'9", Cardboard

»Miles to Empty«, 2015, 19′ x 6’5″ x 4’9″, Cardboard

Shannon Goff - Miles to Empty

Shannon Goff - Miles to Empty

All images © Shannon Goff

Floating Points – Elaenia

Floating Points - Elaenia Für Sam Shepherd ist die Reinkarnation als SIM Card eine Möglichkeit. »Elaenia« ist deshalb noch lange kein frommes Album geworden. Eher der Soundtrack für eine astrale Mysterienschule.