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Sendung vom 06.11.2002

1. THE BOOKS – Enjoy your worries
2. THE BOOKS – Read, eat, sleep (beide vom Album »Thought For Food«, Tomlab/D’02; Hausmusik-Vertrieb)
4. ASA-CHANG & JUNRAY- Nigatsu
5. ASA-CHANG & JUNRAY- Goo-Gung-Gung (alle drei vom Album »Jun Ray Song Chang«, Leaf Records/UK’02; Hausmusik)
6. DREKKA – Mary Gold 1 (live)

7. DREKKA — Possibilities (beide vom Tour-Sampler Europe 2002; eigentlich Blue Sanct/USA’02; Cargo)
8. BENGE – Faun six (»Meme Tunes«, Expanding Records/UK’02; Hausmusik)
9. FRED FRITH – Almighty home at last
10. FRED FRITH – Incoming (beide vom Album »Accidental [Music For Dance Vol.III]«, Fred Records/UK’00/02; Download aus dem Internet)
11. BILL WELLS TRIO – Presentation piece (»Also In White«, Georgraphic/UK’02; Zomba)
12. CARRERA – That time of the year (»s/t«, Subway Records/D’02; Cargo)
13. GOGOGO AIRHEART- When the flesh hits («Exittheuxa«, GSL Records/USA’02; Southern Records)
14. FOUR ROSES – Alive
15. FOUR ROSES – Keep your distance (beide von der CD-EP »No.4«; Eigenherstellung u. — vertrieb)
16. DOUG MARTSCH — Offer (»Now You Know«, Warner Bros.’02)
17. JESSICA BAILIFF – Swallowed
18. JESSICA BAILIFF — Disapear (beidevom Album »Jessica Bailiff«, Kranky/USA’02; Hausmusik)
19. RIVULETS — Stead (»s/t«, Chair Kicker’s Union/USA’02; Cargo)
20. SENTRIDOH – Mountain on the hill
21. SENTRIDOH – Don’t call me writer (beide vom Album »Sentridoh’s Loobiecore«, Domino/UK’02; Zomba)
22. LOU BARLOW – Blown pony (Download aus dem Internet)