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Audio Bombing

In mancher- bis vielerlei Hinsicht prima (»vereinigt theoretisch ungefähr fünf Sachen, die man hier toll findet«), Audio Bombing, das Prinzip der Stimmbildung im öffentlichen Raum:

Audio Bombing is an alternative form of graffiti which uses magnetic audio tape as its medium. Drawing from hip hop and graffiti culture Audio Bombing starts with a basic cassette tape. Using a tape recorder you can record any information you want on to the cassette (music, poems, philosophy, subversive literature, etc.). After recording you remove the tape and cut out the segments that you want to use. Then take your tape segments and go tag whatever you want (buildings, benches, posters, buses, etc.). Using the augmented playhead spray can you can listen to the tags by running the playhead over the tape.