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Podcast August 2019

Longer Break, shorter Episode, mainly Pop stuff.

  1. FRITZ – Jan 1 CC BY-NC-ND
  2. Gold Baby – 500/1 CC BY-NC-ND
  3. Rusty Sunsets – Istanbul Fast Ferry Co (Far From Ocean Beach) CC BY-NC-ND
  4. Jakarta, Tesla Manaf – I/O CC BY-NC
  5. frosty palms – juniper st. CC BY-NC-SA
  6. Escurtarsis – Sweet tea CC BY-NC-ND
  7. Feldup – Stargazing CC BY-NC-SA
  8. K.óla – Glerkastalinn [post-dreifing] CC BY
  9. Trusty Sea Creatures – Everything You Dream CC BY-NC-SA
  10. Pete Jon – some new mourning CC BY-NC-SA
  11. Boogie Belgique – Memory CC BY-NC
  12. Stereoshape – small CC BY-NC-SA
  13. L3T0 – PMR [Ledokol Records LED30] CC BY-NC-SA
  14. Kattch – Gravity [Stratford Ct.] CC BY-NC-ND
  15. The Fish Who Saved the Planet – The Ballad of the Sneaky Weasel CC BY-SA
  16. Minute of Arc – 20171025m CC BY-NC-ND

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