Podcast March 2020

I’m sick (flu) therefore I’ve found the time for a new episode… Probably we will have only 3 or for this year…

  1. Sam Thompson – Some Things Cosmic CC BY-NC-ND
  2. Salóme Katrín – The End (Demo) [post-dreifing] CC BY-NC-ND
  3. Pretty Crimes – Hydrangeas CC BY-NC-ND
  4. Winona Dryver – The Perks of Being Pearly Dewdrops CC BY-NC-SA
  5. Helena Pop – Punk’s Dead CC BY-NC-SA
  6. Sunday Chocolate Club – 1998 CC BY-NC-SA
  7. wilunki – old friends CC BY-SA
  8. aAirial – Going in Circles CC BY-NC-ND
  9. De Lorra – Vision [Stratford Ct.] CC BY-NC-ND
  10. phyt – 84_Demo CC BY-NC-SA
  11. lucky beast – sound & sky CC BY-NC-SA
  12. Venice – We Used to Talk CC BY-NC-ND
  13. Cedar Skies – Alaska OST #9 CC BY-NC-SA
  14. REKchampa – LW CC BY-ND
  15. Cooley Savant – Monsters V
    (ft. Donn O‘ Day, Grier Smith, AteloMidas & the Just Assembled Choir)
  16. Lea-Won & Sunset One – Don’t FCK NZS CC BY-NC-SA

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