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IV.10 by Beeple a.k.a. Mike Winkelmann. He has also released a series of Creative Commons live visuals that have been used by electronic acts such as deadmau5, Amon Tobin, Flying Lotus and many others. Remeber this wonderful clip.


Brats, Lamento & Wijd

May be related, but not not necessarily associated. Three great animated clips compiled by Spex.

1. Liars – »Brats« directed by ian cheng. Check out this video of a CGI-rendered nightmare. Bugs Bunny wakes up as the horror of a reposing mummy or something like that.


2. John Talabot – »Lamento« directed by Joshua Catalano. Paris-based motion designer Joshua Catalano takes us on a wild trip into the unknown in his 3D animation titled »Lamento«.

3. Massacooramaan – »Wijd« directed by Kingdom & Subtrança. Portland-based DJ and producer Dave Quam aka Massacooramaan recently dropped his debut EP »Dead Long Time« and has now unveiled some trippy visuals for »Wijd«, a psychedelic kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and floating swords that drift their way through a rainstorm.

My… MY…

»My… My..«, an animation by Lei Lei.

Well, my clothes
Ah, my pants
Give them back, give them back
Oh, my hat
Hum, could you give me back my hat?

Watch also »This Is Love«.

Welcome to Kitty City

From all 10 million cat stories, pictures, clips and pages available online »Welcome to Kitty City« is possibly one of the best. But of course, I am not an expert on this issue.


»Maximall« is a shortfilm about the strange behaviour of mutant shopping trolleys on the hunt for an innocent employee.