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  • Podcast April 2013

    machtdose_apr13 For the cover I used a photo by NuageDeNuit | Chiara Vitellozzi A sweet episode I think. You could take some songs and for a concept album "memorys of a young boys ... Weiter →

  • Podcast March 2013

    Machtdose Podcast March 2013 For the cover I used a photo by This is another quick & dirty edit - in contrast we have a lot of ambient / chill stuff in it (besides ... Weiter →

  • Podcast February 2013

    Machtdose Podcast February 2013 For the cover I used a photo © by Nick Moran Last month I've had no time for producing an episode, so this is the first episode of 2013... and ... Weiter →

  • Podcast December 2012

    machtdose_dec12 For the cover I used a photo by J. Wildner (monostep) It's nearly Christmas and we haven't given our monthly present yet. Sorry for the delay! I speak more than usual in this ... Weiter →

  • Podcast November 2012

    For the cover I used a photo by Jens Schott Knudsen Probably the episode with the lowest quote of netlabel releases so far and a lot self releases on bandcamp. Musically ... Weiter →

Immer auf der Suche nach dem Flow, begeistern Gregor Maria Schubert und Roland Graffé sich für Trends, Widersprüche und Abseitiges in Kunst, Musik und Medien.

Machtdose entdeckt, kultiviert, archiviert, und teilt Glanzlichter der Popkultur und persönliche Vorlieben mit allen anderen Träumern, Liebhabern und Neugierigen.