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Super Hero

Indonesian photographer Agan Harahap has collaged superheroes into war photography that you’d almost believe it really happened. For more about Harahap’s work check out Super Hero at Flickr.

England, Greenham Airfield, 1944

Moscow, hotel roof, 1941

Cherbourg-Normandy, Avenue de Paris, 1944

Everything Is Dancing

don’t miss these clips…

Fair Ohs – »Everything Is Dancing« directed by Dave Ma. The truth about Batman and Robin as we have not known it before.

Chilly Gonzales – »You Can Dance« directed by Jonathan Barre. Rediscovered pt. I: This clip is full of self-confident eroticism of quite normal women. Fanatstic.

She & Him – »Don’t Look Back« directed by Jeremy Konner. Rediscovered pt. II: Director Jeremy Konner made one of the best clips in the early months of 2011. The retro design and vintage look is amazing.

Cut Copy – »Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution« directed by Emile Sornin. »Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution« features apes finding the body parts of the band’s members in a cave which they use to put on a concert.

Gold Panda – »Snow & Taxis« directed by Ronni Shendar. Rediscovered pt. III: green, blooming, experimental and rhythmical pulsating.

Norman Palm – »Easy« directed by Frank Höhne. Rediscovered pt. IV: One of those clips which have the focus on typography. Very stylish.

Millennium – »Spring« directed by Millennium. New side project of Norman Palm. Image noise and abstract figures.