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Miles To Empty

Artist Shannon Goff could probably not resist. She was born into the world of cars and engines. Curse or blessing? Most recently she created her grandfather’s 1979 Lincoln Continental in cardboard. »Miles To Empty« explores the car as a metaphor for the complexities of American life in general, and for her own experiences as a native of the city of Detroit specifically«, she let us know.

»Miles to Empty«, 2015, 19' x 6'5" x 4'9", Cardboard

»Miles to Empty«, 2015, 19′ x 6’5″ x 4’9″, Cardboard

Shannon Goff - Miles to Empty

Shannon Goff - Miles to Empty

All images © Shannon Goff


Jozef Mrva has created a series of masks that adapt the heads and skulls of animals. Using cardboard, the artist carves and cuts the readily available material into expressionistic forms. They are fantastic, especially the one made out of a pizza box.

Jozef Mrva - Masks

Jozef Mrva - Masks

Jozef Mrva - Masks

All images © Jozef Mrva. Photos taken by Nikola Ivanov in photo studio on faculty of FAMU.

Bad Things That Could Happen

This Is It are a collective of illustrators, animators, artists and designers based in London. I am a bit late on this, but »Bad Things That Could Happen« is amazing and filled with so many good ideas – a film they made using giant props made out of cardboard about bad things that could happen. Their homepage is well worth a visit.