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Inhuman Anatomy

What does a disney figure look like under the skin? Italy based artist Alessandro Conti has found the right answer. Check out Conti’s gallery with more very astute observations.



Hamster on a SpeedBoat

A good example how 3D-printing will change our world. Even children’s drawings are not spared either. Motives which look quite normal on paper turn into small masterpieces. Crayon Creatures is a service to turn children’s two-dimensional finger exercises into figurines by using 3D printing technology.

Hamster On A Speedboat
»Hamster on a SpeedBoat – A tiny unimpressed rodent.«

The Sun
»The Sun – The star at the center of the Solar System.«

Giraffied Llama
»Giraffied Llama – A nicely colored giraffesque creature.«