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empty space

Empty Chairs

Abandoned buildings, private apartments and junk rooms – Each setting photographer Faisal Al Fouzan from Kuwait has photographed was found like you can see below and left untouched, preserving the authenticity of the chaotic ensemble. »The Empty Chairs project aims to capture the different scenery in which empty chairs are discovered in visually surreal or out of the ordinary environments. Through these images I examine the relationship between the empty chair and it’s surrounding. Each image tells a story, where the chair is the narrator and protagonist, speaking of its past inhabitant and its context.«

Image © Faisal Al Fouzan

Image © Faisal Al Fouzan

Image © Faisal Al Fouzan

Image © Faisal Al Fouzan

Image © Faisal Al Fouzan

All images © Faisal Al Fouzan 2013. (via)

Little Big City

Architecture, portraits and a good sense for the special moments in life: Ralf Barthelmes is at the moment one of the most active Frankfurt-chronologists for contemporary history and on top of this a great photographer. Visit his personal homepage »Little Big City«, a hometown blog as he says.

»Let’s Rock The House – But Keep It Country!«

Hair Salon, Mainzer Landstraße, Frankfurt, 2011

Ehemalige Oberfinanzdirektion, Frankfurt, 2012

Sasha Grey and Diedrich Diederichsen at Mousonturm, Frankfurt, 2011

Gunter Gabriel, German Country and Schlagerstar, Frankfurt, 2008