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Follies Burlesk

Alan Wolfson creates handmade miniature sculptures of urban environments. Complete with complex interior views and lighting effects. The pieces are usually not exact representations of existing locations, but rather a combination of details from many different locations along with much of the detail from the artist’s imagination. There are never people present, only things they have left behind; garbage, graffiti, or a tip on a diner table, all give the work a sense of motion and a storyline. Read more about the work of Alan Wolfson.

»Follies Burlesk« (1987), 14 1/4 x 19 1/4 x 21 1/2 inches


Die Frage nach dem Authentizitätsverlust im Graffiti stellt sich erst gar nicht, wenn der Brückenpfeiler gleich mit ausgestellt wird. Kristin Posehn hat’s versucht.

Replicant is an interpretation of graffiti-covered supporting columns from underneath the M25, a motorway that circles London. The work is constructed from high-resolution photographs mounted on plywood, which shows through at top and bottom.

Replicant installed floor to ceiling in the Dickens Library of the Mary Ward House, London