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Killing Error

These fantastic illustrations by Ben6835 are characterised by sadism and bloody violence. Be sure to visit his Flickr account for all the lightly eccentric works!

»Killing Error«

»Alice’s Lucky Rabbit Foot«

»Frog Food«

»Imitated Caterpillar«

Kindergarten Obesity

Still one of my favourite oochy woochy horror illustrators: Kristian Hammerstad. Enjoy his work.

»Kindergarten Obesity«, for The Las Vegas Weekly.

Copyright 2012 Kristian Hammerstad. All rights reserved.

D!3 4ND B3 F0R9O773N

James Jirat Patradoon (born 1985) is an Australian Illustrator. »At the end of August 2012 he had a one night only exhibition at The Tate in Glebe showcasing a bunch of work he made whilst procrastinating other work. It was made up of animated gifs displayed on old CRT televisions, digitally printed flags, and a sculpture featuring a four armed customised biker jacket. Inspired by the fashion and costume of black metal music, gangster rap, professional wrestling, sci-fi films, and superheroes, James‘ work is an irreverent take on the stoic nature of macho pop culture.«

Depths Of Desire

Bad Cell

Mall Threat

Dream Diary

Selections from the ongoing »Dream Diary« series by Vaka Valo.

»Dream Diary No.10«, Mixed Media/C-Print 2009

»Dream Diary No.15«, Mixed Media/C-Print 2010

»Dream Diary No.25«, Mixed Media/C-Print 2012


Wang2mu from Guangzhou, China, favors red and blue ballpoint pens to create his illustrations.Pretty nice combined, even if i don’t understand a word.

小时候其实我想做只 老师


小时候其实我想做只 警察