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Black Mold

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – »Black Mold« directed by Toon Aerts. This clip is much more than your everyday SciFi werewolf bedtime story, I am even not sure that it is a werewolf. Perhaps a monster? In any case, it puts a little more horror into your evening. Belgian director Toon Aerts shot this mystery music clip in Wallonië in the southern part of Belgium. Yet, this song marks something like a comeback for The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

Good Day Today

These days lots of music videos frequently have one main thing in common: monsters (or sometimes even ghosts) and violence coupled with physical and psychological forces. Almost always. These six clips are highly recommended. Follow the links and enjoy them all. And beware: not for sissies!

David Lynch – »Good Day Today« directed by Arnold de Parscau.

Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke – »Shipwreck« directed by: Tony „Truand“ Datis.

Kriget – »Submission« directed by Slobodan Zivic.

Deerhoof – »Secret Mobilization« directed by Ewan MacLeod.

Like a Stuntman – »YOY« directed by Matthias Fritsch.

High Places – »Sonora« directed by Keith Musil.