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Private Moon

What is fantastic about the moon is that it always gets around a lot. His personal travelling companion Leonid Tishkov is probably the perfect travel mate, as you can see. »Private Moon« is a series of stylized and sentimental photographs of both with a large illuminated crescent moon taken at various locations around the world. Fitting to this setting: J’ai demandé à la lune by Indochine.

Leonid Tishkov - Private Moon1
Private Moon in the Arctic

Leonid Tishkov - Private Moon2
Private Moon in Berlin

Leonid Tishkov - Private Moon3
Private Moon in Italy

Leonid Tishkov - Private Moon4
At the straw store. Cishan


It meant »AutumN«, I call it »SprinG«, even if I made an early start. I’m longing for the days when no coat is required and colour comes into the game again. Photo by 0331C.

AutumN by 0331