nick cave

I Want You

Don’t miss these clips…

Cee Lo Green – »I Want You (Hold On To Love)« (YouTube) directed by Mazik Self. Pretty nice costume music clip.

UNKLEMoney And Run [feat. Nick Cave] (Vimeo) directed Tom Haines. The truth about machinations and habits of the british upper-class.

MetronomyThe Look (Vimeo) directed by Lorenzo Fonda. Seagulls who drive car-scooter. Nice clay animation with a very stylish pop band.

Wild BeastsAlbatross (Vimeo) directed by Dave Ma. Always close to the song. Intense effect.

MunkRue de Rome (Vimeo) directed by Doublezero. Pensioners couple plundering and hunting for prey with lots of fun.