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norman palm

Everything Is Dancing

don’t miss these clips…

Fair Ohs – »Everything Is Dancing« directed by Dave Ma. The truth about Batman and Robin as we have not known it before.

Chilly Gonzales – »You Can Dance« directed by Jonathan Barre. Rediscovered pt. I: This clip is full of self-confident eroticism of quite normal women. Fanatstic.

She & Him – »Don’t Look Back« directed by Jeremy Konner. Rediscovered pt. II: Director Jeremy Konner made one of the best clips in the early months of 2011. The retro design and vintage look is amazing.

Cut Copy – »Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution« directed by Emile Sornin. »Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution« features apes finding the body parts of the band’s members in a cave which they use to put on a concert.

Gold Panda – »Snow & Taxis« directed by Ronni Shendar. Rediscovered pt. III: green, blooming, experimental and rhythmical pulsating.

Norman Palm – »Easy« directed by Frank Höhne. Rediscovered pt. IV: One of those clips which have the focus on typography. Very stylish.

Millennium – »Spring« directed by Millennium. New side project of Norman Palm. Image noise and abstract figures.