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photography series

Soviet Bus Stops

Up until today I had a very different vision of soviet roadside bus stops. The photographer Christopher Herwig carried out a wonderful study of the most particular places. The following collection of images was taken during 2002 and 2006. On Herwigs homepage is a brief introduction to this work.

Twilight Zone

Barry Underwood examines the effect of light pollution on natural landscapes in a series of photographs that feel ethereal and fantastical, despite being rooted in reality. Read the whole interview with Underwood on Juxtapoz.


»Parade Field«

»Trace Blue«

»Miwok Trail«

»Blue Line«

Bad Graffiti

Bad can sometimes be so good: BAD GRAFFITI is a current photography series documented throughout Detroit by Scott Hocking.

Penis – Vomit Man – Satan Detroit – Meow Cats Meow – Tortoise – Baby Tortoise – Masked Man – Smoking Man and Woman with Boobs

I Fucked Your Mom In The Ass Back Here, with Four Penises

Leather Daddy

Giant Penis Trumps All

Church of Dork