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La voiture de police poulailler

French artist Benedetto Bufalino has humorously transformed a 1970’s police car into a chicken coop. »La voiture de police poulailler« is an old vehicle whose interior has been gutted. Unfortunately, not organic. Organic eggs must come from chickens that live in cage-free environments. Don’t miss his whole battle of ideas.

La voiture de police poulailler - Ferme d'élevage de Vernand, 2013

La voiture de police poulailler – Ferme d’élevage de Vernand, 2013

Benedetto Bufalino

Benedetto Bufalino

The Theory

Great cinema from a small source: »The Theory« presents the world’s smallest all action police chase. »Directing duo The Theory presents the tiniest police chase ever seen, made using the world’s smallest ‚pocket video projectors‘. Featuring an escaped convict, a determined cop and a fully armed police helicopter, Speed of Light takes ‚projection mapping‘ to a whole new (and low) level.«