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»On a stretch of 2 kilometers, seven inner city situations will be doubled on Potsdamer Straße, which was once representational for the city of Berlin and is today used very heterogeneously. On selected points of the whole street, “doubles” will appear at an interval of 70 cm from the existing objects, as if a tracing-paper duplication of a map of the city had slipped a bit away from the original beneath it. The focus thereby will be on easily overlooked street furnishings like streetlights, bus stops, and clocks.« Realtime by inges idee.

Realtime 2, Potsdamer Straße Berlin, Germany 2004

Realtime 3, Potsdamer Straße Berlin, Germany 2004

Piercing 1, City Hall Heidenheim/Brenz, Germany 2001

Bolzplatz 1, Skulpturenbiennale Münster 2000, Emsdetten, Germany



»Vibration« by Xavier Veilhan.

Xavier Veilhan – »Vibration«, 2010, Edelstahl, bemalt, 239 x 190 x 610 cm
© Xavier Veilhan/Adagp Paris

A Riot In A Jam Jar

A nice mixture of genre-established artist Slinkachu, a snow globe and protest culture in small: James Cauty created short riot scene miniatures in jam jars and characterized them as »Greenpeace Armageddon Factoid Riot« or »French Extremist Students Contained«. In addition to the sculptures the artist made a film for every scene. Both is shown here. Btw. Cauty is best known as one half of the hitmaking duo The KLF and as co-founder of The Orb.

Marshmallow Lollie

Wearing a marshmallow soft sculpture is rather good fun, especially in the public. Melbourne based artist Dawn Tan tried hard to find out.