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Sendung vom 28.08.2002

Thema: Elektronische Musik mit Gesang und elektronische Musik ohne Gesang

01. Turner – My aeroplane mania (Ladomat)
02. Schneider TM – Frogtoise (City Slang/Labels)
03. Dntel – Suddenly is sooner than you think (Plug Research)
04. Dntel (Barbara Morgenstern Rmx) – (This is) the dream of Evan & Chan (Plug Research)
05. V.A. The Asthmatic Worm feat. Wechsel Garland – Verbluten (Mobilæ)
06. V.A. The Asthmatic Worm feat. Hey – Sans toi (Mobilæ)
07. V.A. The Asthmatic Worm feat. Atomâ„¢ – Pole vs. Pentatonic Surprise (Mobilæ)
08. Gonzales – Return of the sugar plum fairy (Kitty-Yo)
09. V.A. Me please feat. Susumu Yokota – Future Tiger (The Leaf Label)
10. V.A. Me please feat. Manitoba – Tits & Ass: The Great Canadian Weekend (The Leaf Label)
11. V.A. Me please feat. Gorodisch – The Killing (The Leaf Label)
12. Bill Wells Trio – Presentation piece #1 (Geographic/Domino)
13. Radian – Nahfeld (Thrill Jockey)
14. Tortoise – In Sarah, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven there were woman and men (Thrill Jockey)
15. Turner – My aeroplane mania (Ladomat)
16. Flaming Lips – In the morning of the magicians (Warner Bros.)