Podcast April 2008

For the cover I used a photo by Annadriel [CC BY-NC-SA]

In this episode we have: excellent Hip Hop, a mix of traditional African and electronic music, IDM as you know it, some Minimal stompers, oceanic sounds, an orchestra on dance and a prologue at the end. Have fun!

  1. Der Reisende (laridae) – Stella Idlaviv mp3
  2. S-Master & Esco (Random Flow) – The Fifth Math of Goodness mp3
  3. D3Zs (Random Flow) – Childhood Memories mp3
  4. XYDZO (Pulsations For You) – a bali na bega mp3
  5. Moabi (Resting Bell) – Hey You mp3
  6. klabusta – me vs. me mp3
  7. LazioKasaa & Alec Cresp (Super 6 Records) – 10 a.m. Ciddy mp3
  8. Multimensch (Säurebad Records) – Floating With My 303 (Laid Back Mix) mp3
  9. Komponente (deeplimit) – Waiting mp3
  10. Ocralab (deepindub) – Aulos mp3
  11. Max Cavalerra (Broque) – Mono Bot mp3
  12. Morgenklang (Supafeed) – Dive Control mp3
  13. Daniel Carew (Yuki Yaki) – Romantic’s Semantics (Fax Remix) mp3
  14. Ursula (Pulsations For You) – Blue Eyed Train Stations mp3
  15. Crookram (Buda Beats) – Biggles mp3
  16. Audiotoolz (Sojus Records Network) – Song for K (Dream) mp3
  17. Prologue (Share My Wings) – You can mp3

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8 Antworten auf Podcast April 2008

  1. Tend sagt:

    Hey, vielen Dank fürs Spielen.

  2. cool!
    btw, Audiotoolz is written with ‚Z‘ instead of ‚S‘.

    rock on!

  3. Roland sagt:

    Thansks. I’ve corrected that in the playlist now.

  4. Thank you for this relaxed and versatile mix Gregor!

  5. Alec Cresp sagt:

    Many thx for playing our Track !

  6. Komponente sagt:

    Thansks for playing „Waiting“ ;)

  7. Leipzig sagt:

    Komponente !!! RESPECT

  8. edward sagt:

    Check out http://www.EDMLounge.com for lots of electronic music and reviews!

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