Podcast April 2011

For the cover I used a picture by axelk

I don’t know if you are really waited for this, but we are again late this month (and I think we will be also for the next), anyways here it is now. This time I recognized a lot of labels in this show which are already alive for a while but haven’t been in the podcast seldom or even are now for the first time at all, plus some newcomers, one which came back from the dead and – of course – some of the usual suspects. As always: hopefully entertaining!

  1. Tree, Bosier – Morning Simphony [Subwise 083]
  2. Lornbawn – 105 Years And He Still Doesn’t Know My Name [Mine All Mine Records 168]
  3. 30[eks] – All Kinds of Things [Electrosound 4]
  4. Mokhov – Glass Soul [Otium 065]
  5. In Lieu – Stala Knight [Mine All Mine Records 167]
  6. Waveplant – Vital Iris [PublicSpacesLab 025]
  7. Daniel Land & The Modern Painters – Echo & Narcissus [BFW Recordings 116]
  8. Kabukiman – Tammy & The T-Rex [Fwonk 072]
  9. Roberto Fucisticko Fiorucci – Steamboat II [Atro Fact 015]
  10. Plusplus – We wont be mowing today [La bèl netlabel 008]
  11. Sanmi – ct4.9 [Subwise 077]
  12. Martin Rach – question dance [Editora Do Porto 037]
  13. Pleq – This Moment is Eternal [escala 19]
  14. Herzel – Dar Ya [Greenfields 001]
  15. Rodrigo Soria – My Life [Tranzmitter Compilation Vol. 3]
  16. TkY – Parmi Les Vague De ma Vie [ Gargan Records 057]
  17. sarp yilmaz – these days [broque 072]
  18. tres tras – abstraction 808 (markus masuhr synth edit remix) [insectorama 044]
  19. Boris Heizmann – Wintermute [Wavelike 005]
  20. Sebastian Love – What the fuck we are made for [Starquake Records 001]

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4 Antworten auf Podcast April 2011

  1. muck sagt:

    Supergeil fluffige Wohlfühlmusik.
    Vielen Dank dafür! ([~)ث(~])b

  2. Excellent podcast!

  3. andreas sagt:

    wow! track 18 und 19 sind echt der hammer und dafür liebe ich den machtdose-podacast, denn ohne ihn ging all diese wundervolle musik an mir vorbei…

    viele grüße,


  4. roland sagt:

    aaah. du hast ihn ja die folge noch entdeckt, sorry, hatte ich übersehen :)

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