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Podcast August 2008

Machtdose site itself is on hiatus now, but there’s a podcast episode for this month – just a little belated. The first third of it is cosy and quiet, but you’ll also have Punk and New Wave Electro, Hip Hop Hurrays, Music (not only) for Kids, Chiptunes on Breakbeats and so on. Enjoy and leave a message if you want.

  1. Pix (Fresh Poulp records) – To Begin Again mp3
  2. Peter Broderick (Lost Children) – Atlantic mp3
  3. RL/VL (acroplane) – Connemara Bay mp3
  4. Jimmy Behan (Zymogen) – Box of Broken Things mp3
  5. daily misconceptions (MiMi) – hopen mp3
  6. Let’s Drive To Alaska (Muertepop) – Astrud mp3
  7. Ad.R (test tube) – Short Movie Song mp3
  8. ivo deutschmann (white in music) – good night mp3
  9. El Zoológico (Kazoomzoom) – Penguin and Sea Lion mp3
  10. craquetone (sologroove) – chustocka mp3
  11. Daniel Maze (12rec) – Herons Are Mellow mp3
  12. The Sleeping Tree (12rec) – You’ve Got To Be Strong mp3
  13. Homeland (23seconds) – Forever Eyes mp3
  14. The Transisters (afmusic) – Walking On A Blackhole mp3
  15. Novedades Carminha (A Regueifa Plataforma) – Echame gel mp3
  16. Ca$h4otterz (headphonica) – Coping With Shed Fires mp3
  17. U-1 a. k. a. DJ Soungage (Maltine Records) – Soranouta Remix
  18. Tom Caruana (Budabeats) – Get It Off Your Chest mp3
  19. Joe Jetson a. k. a. Zézinho Junkface (Phonotactics) – Kid Chameleon
  20. Alexander Katar (Deep-X Recordings) – S. D. mp3
  21. dj newton (Maltine Records) – I gonna go to space mp3
  22. Dong (16 dimensional records) – omokage mp3

4 Gedanken zu „Podcast August 2008“

  1. Hii!
    Thanks a lot for playing Homeland. I really like this episode, one of your best so far. Greetings from Gothenburg Sweden.
    Johan Lundin
    23 seconds netlabel

  2. Thanks a lot, great episode with music from some of the best netlabels there is out there (12 rec, Fresh Poulp, 23 seconds and Muertepop) / Runeberg

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