Podcast December 2008

For the cover I used a photo by spezoid [CC BY-NC-ND]

Believe me: this one is a beauty. The first episode which has nearly more tracks with vocals than without. Beautiful Pop, melancholic moods, Tango d’electro, text-to-speech chants, classic house, well-tempered soulfood and so on. You should have fun with it…

  1. BASIC (Fant00m) – Joanna, Mother Of My Children mp3
  2. Musique LRT (Two left hands on two right arms) – So you turned away mp3
  3. Adam Svanell (It’s a trap) – Tredje Långgatan 26 (Han som ville bli en sämre människa remix) mp3
  4. Ian Hawgood (12rec) – Coastal Summers mp3
  5. Infant Color (Beatismurder) – Arms And Bears mp3
  6. Keyboard Rebel (aaahh-records) – Justice mp3
  7. Francisco Pinto (Pueblo Nuevo) – Sol Morir mp3
  8. La Nueva Guardia (Pueblo Nuevo) – Milonga Triste mp3
  9. March Rosetta (Clinical Archives) – The Limes mp3
  10. [neuma] (Series Media) – Lovenest (feat lucrecia) mp3
  11. The Ghost of 3.13 (sociopathrecordings) – Something About You Makes Me Feel mp3
  12. Siegmar Fricke (++sensor) – Clinicaut Integral version mp3
  13. klabusta – sweet idleness mp3
  14. Potential DifferenSe (skrm1) – V1 mp3
  15. Da-D-Da (bypass) – D-Dada mp3
  16. Olympic Smoker (Deep-X Recordings) – Project Mayhem mp3
  17. coldicus (Deep-X Recordings) – Fisherwoman mp3
  18. Cie (modularfield) – Land in Sicht mp3
  19. Ilya Bataman (dobox recordings) – The Ural Dancer mp3

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7 Antworten auf Podcast December 2008

  1. Mika sagt:

    Many thkz for the difusion! greetings from Chile.
    Mika Martini
    Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel.

  2. thanks mate : ) the adam svanell track is great!

  3. What a great collection of netaudio pearls. After having missed some episodes of this fine podcast (shame on me) this december edition means pure inspiration – and probably lots of downloading from the featured artists and netlabels in the next days. And I definitely have to catch up with the missed episodes, the next train ride is sure to come.

    Thanks for this one and all the other episodes, great work!

    kind regards,

  4. roland sagt:

    Hi Matthias,
    thanks for your kind words.

    Just a tip, also for the others: the easiest way to get every episode right after it has been released is to subscribe to our Podcast Feed.

  5. Thanks for supporting us and Keyboard Rebel. :)
    And Infant Colours new release at beat is murder is awesome! Thanks for introducing this.
    Cheers, Christian.

  6. josh sagt:

    thnx for including my [neuma] track
    greetings from colombia

  7. Dmitry sagt:

    Thanks for beautiful tracks, write more…

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