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Podcast January 2007

„Calm down“ – the title of one track presented in this month’s episode could also be the motto for the show itself. So, relax and listen…

Okay, at the end there’s some Chipcore too.

  1. Atomic Death Circle (Custom Music Records) – Returning to Port (1:15) mp3
  2. syene (cism) – koma (8:13) mp3
  3. Hans Carstens (Impar) – Atributos (6:55) mp3
  4. mp3
  5. Mariosammut (Pinkpube) – Urn (5:12) mp3
  6. Crepusculum (12rec.net) – Momentum (3:21) mp3 Video
  7. Bersarin Quartett (aerotone) – St. Petersburg (5:20) mp3
  8. Kyamic (Leibniz) – Bring (4:41) mp3
  9. Bluermutt (nexsound) – To hate to know (4:30) mp3
  10. Superloader (Supafeed) – Love Tanke (6:57) mp3
  11. d.soul (Tropic) – delicate figure (6:34) mp3
  12. disasterPEACE (Betamod)– Jump Error (3:50) mp3
  13. COMADISCO (TONIMUSIC) – Not your kind (5:44) mp3
  14. Suntra (Candymind) – Mr. Blister (2:18) mp3

7 Gedanken zu „Podcast January 2007“

  1. this month was great as well as past.
    I love episodes which contains vivid collection from all kind of styles and I feel this month had more such kind of vividness..
    perhaps because of chiptune stuffs at the end?
    Anyway, much appreciation for your efforts from berlin, looking forward of the next!


  2. Sind mal wieder ein paar nette Stücke dabei. Am besten gefällt mir der Introsong. Wieder ein großes Lob von meiner Seite. Weiter so.

  3. Thanks for the compliments. I really appreciate it (and it will motivate me for the next monthes!)

  4. Great Show! I’m glad to have found your podcast, I love your music selection … Also glad that you chose to feature Jump Error on this month’s show, I am honored. I will most certainly be tuning in from now on.


    Rich Vreeland

  5. hey all! thanks for releasing Urn on January podcast! you do great work over here! cool music cool everything! keep up the gud stuff :).


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