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Podcast January 2010

For the cover I used a photo by Éole [CC BY-NC-SA]

Happy new year from Machtdose, we’re coming with a – as I think – lovely new episode. A lot of stuff I missed during the last year or even before which I now put in one show, but also as always some new releases from the last weeks. Let us know what you think about it…

  1. Laura Stevenson – Baby Bones [Quote Unquote Records 019]
  2. Kelly Latimore – The Gospel According to Mark [Cllct: Songs of Incarnation]
  3. Crepusculum – We Are Twilight [12rec 060]
  4. Eurasia. – The End of the Autumn [MiMi Records 123]
  5. Raganova – Freedom (Nove Mapy remix) [Sologroove 30]
  6. adamned.age – dust in the cold light of day [PublicSpaces Lab 013]
  7. Evgeny Grinko – Singing machine [Clinical Archives 339]
  8. Minimal States – Lake Effect [Clinical Archives 292 / Digital Kunstrasen 057 + Cyclene Records 035]
  9. Ketsa – Last Sun [BFW Recordings 028]
  10. Derrick Hart – Sunchild [12rec 059]
  11. The Sunshine Factory – My Sugar Cane [BFW Recordings 020 + 022]
  12. The Wild – The City That Never Sleeps [Quote Unquote Records 028]
  13. Post Human Era – You In The Future [Clinical Archives 337]
  14. Phat Koknoz – Clinging [Renegade Screw 02]
  15. fforet – without [WEARK.ntlbl 012]
  16. Hoax – Progress [Qunabu 009]
  17. Daz Furey – Mestastasis [Pasted Future 009]
  18. BokBoolekk – Venture [WEARK.ntlbl 010]
  19. giulio maresca – bobo rocketto [Signorafranca 50]
  20. Pr. Solstice – What’s Said About Silence [Pharmacom Records 058]

Creative Commons License

4 Gedanken zu „Podcast January 2010“

  1. Sweet collections of songs. I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. I used to be a regular podcast fan and have been following them nearly 2 years. Now I’m gathering confidence and I’d like to start myown podcast. Now I would be thankful if you could provide me some details when choosing songs for my podcast…
    First, am I allowed to include songs that are released under creative commons licence without asking the author for premission? ( of course, I would credit them accordingly)

    Second, is a podcast considered as „derivative works“ ? (I found some artist don’t allow derivative works of their songs ((CC licence)) )

    Third, I would be really glad if you could provide me with these answers. Once again, great podcast. Keep the good work, you have one more subscriber. :)


  2. Just to say thanks very much for featuring „We Are Twilight“!

    Also, in response to Rainman’s questions;

    1st: I don’t see why not – I wasn’t asked whether I minded having my track played on here, but the whole point of releasing stuff under a CC license is to make it freely accessible to as many people as possible. As the guy(s?) who runs this podcast is presumably making no commercial gain from doing so, it’s merely an extension of that original intention behind CC licenses, to my eyes at least!

    2nd: Nah – simply playing someone’s tune isn’t the same thing as making a derivative work. That clause is essentially to stop people ripping your piece of music off and calling it their own work, whether for financial gain or not.


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