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Podcast January 2012

Machtdose Podcast January 2012

For the cover I used a photo by SuperFantastic [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Happy new year, we’re late this month, but here you go. We have – among other things – jazzy tunes, Advanced Pop, but surprisingly this time not the obvious dance tracks. Have fun.

  1. Ginferno – Telescopic Eye
  2. Anitek – Circles [Dusted Wax Kingdom 114]
  3. Blossom – Noon’s bourg [Export Label]
  4. dFAD3R – Crab Style [Dusted Wax Kingdom 113]
  5. Abigail Press – Drifting Dawn [Melodica 019]
  6. Lisbonne – So Long [Beko 96]
  7. Karibean – Gregorian Spring [EardrumsPop 19]
  8. Anika’s Basement Show – This Is What I Hear
  9. he died while hunting – thin mountain air [totokoko 25]
  10. Toni Higgins – When I Dive It Just Feels Normal [Bump Foot foot194]
  11. Pleq – Someone Like Comes Into Your Life (feat. Fraqusea) [Leaves 001]
  12. Veell – Ifyou (feat. E-few)
  13. Possimiste – The Flight of Lulu
  14. Keinzweiter – Hexatic Blossoms (Supralist Remix) [Spontanmusik 021]
  15. Eufoteoria – Paradox 27 [Música Vermella 020]
  16. Liquid – Beauté [Expert Recordings 006 / Bomboncitos Compilation by phlow.es]
  17. mix-toor – Moving Forward (Secret DNA) [dystopiaq 028]
  18. Trois – Banana Saturees [Midinette records 26]
  19. Sebastian Love – I, the Shadows (feat. Is) [Starquake Records 006]
  20. T Bird – Living This Life To Death [23 Seconds 068]

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3 Gedanken zu „Podcast January 2012“

  1. Hey Roland,

    once again a brilliant podcast! Your selections are real shots, I’ll add some of them to the rotation of the new Mixotic Creative Commons Radio I started yesterday. :)

    Thanx for all the work you’re doing!


  2. Hi there

    I listen to your podcast since many years. I never made any comment and feel guilty …

    Your selection of music has been with me when I was in Germany, UK and now finally in Switzerland.

    Thanks for sharing all your discoveries!
    Best, Susanne

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