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Podcast January 2015


Against our own announcement we haven’t had a regular episode in the last month. This is the one meant for it. Sorry, late. But I still thinks it is a very colorful episode with a lot of different stuff. Just listen to it.

  1. London Sacred Harp – CH 70b Brown CC BY-NC
  2. 23:59 & Sobrio – Night Rain [Abstract Reflection AR_035] CC BY-NC-ND
  3. Nucleoheart – Simple Decision [Abstract Reflection AR_036] CC BY-NC-ND
  4. SonoreFiction – Purple Terry (tribute to Riley) [Tape-Safe TaSe-80] CC BY-NC-ND
  5. Moki Mcfly – Dichotomy Overture [Mahorka mhrk148] CC BY-NC-SA
  6. VVHILE – Nobody Knows CC BY-NC-ND
  7. Shoefiti – WorkQueuePay CC BY-NC-SA
  8. Steelesque – Mon River CC BY-NC-ND
  9. Emotional Problems – Tonight Tomorrow Part Two CC BY-SA
  10. Jatuna – Kickstarter CC BY-NC-SA
  11. Les Étoiles – Your Roots, Your Bones CC BY-NC-SA
  12. Solar Estates – Repetition CC BY-NC-SA
  13. Famous Names – This Girl CC BY-NC-SA
  14. Infinitum – Verano [Hollow Out] CC BY-NC-ND
  15. Xona – Girl Let [Future Haze] CC BY-NC
  16. Withher x Chantrak – Through The Cracks ft. Annika Wells [Wepushbuttons] CC BY-NC-SA
  17. Decktonic feat. an0va – Emojji Love Story CC BY-NC-SA
  18. Lyvo – Seaside CC BY
  19. Feki – Safe Return [alaya] CC BY-SA
  20. Tigerberry & Haunt – By This Time [Southern City Lab SCL152] CC BY-NC-SA
  21. Wonky Lama – Omelet [Digital Whomp] CC BY-NC
  22. DZZ – Star (feat. Azuria Sky) CC BY

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