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Podcast June 2012

For the cover I used a photo by Visualogist [CC BY-NC 2.0]

At the beginning we have a lot of banjos (I love banjos!), in the middle there’s a courtship dance and at the end you can dance as in a jump & run game… Have fun!

  1. Second Dam – Back to Dust
  2. The Hand in the Ocean – Without Stone Teeth
  3. Sawtooth – Lullaby For A Worried Heart
  4. Nardo – Fall Again
  5. The Search – An Ounce Of Courage [afmusic afm139]
  6. Everything Is Made In China – Blindfold [2419 Record Label]
  7. Sonurber – Wishes [esc.rec NEW007]
  8. Gridline – Shortlife Dreamline [Bump Foot foot200]
  9. Organoid – Obsession [BFW recordings BFW176]
  10. Christoph Schindling – Balztanz [Section 27 S27-098]
  11. Kubrick’s Cube – Bright [Ultra Vague Recordings uvr1205]
  12. Pandreas – Sirkel(Sag) [Bad Panda Records badpanda128]
  13. Romo – Lounge Music [Dusted Wax Kingdom DWK140]
  14. Calla Soiled – OPENINGTHEME [Altema Records ALTM-024]
  15. Daniele Sciolla – Square [Quantum Bit Freeq022]
  16. Redmann – Plastic Explosive (Aerologic remix) [Toucan Music tou283]
  17. Cooshinator – Jesus Likes Unce
  18. SaV! – Cloud Cruisin‘ (Prod. by Flawless)

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Ein Gedanke zu „Podcast June 2012“

  1. sehr schön … bin erst beim dritten lied … aber es ist das beste seit langem … weiter so!!! weniger elektronisches!

    more country!!!

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