Podcast May 2011

For the cover I used a picture by Dalibor Levíček [CC BY-NC-SA]

This could be the best episode of this year so far. A bag full with mainly uplifting tracks, you can even dance to the IDM parts :), a 808 saying „Achtung!“, brand new chiptunes and classics, a triphopesque duo from Istanbul with two songs etc. etc. Hope you like it!

  1. Emil Davydov – Sketch No. 1 [Pharmacom Productions 089]
  2. Les Étoiles – From A Room [Records on Ribs]
  3. Louie & The Ocean – No Friends, No Problems [Webbed Hand Records 186]
  4. Xtrngr – Bell mountain [Música Vermella]
  5. Fuji Kureta – Rope [23seconds 059]
  6. Fuji Kureta – Lucid Dreams [Gergaz 008]
  7. Fenderchet – Unexpected Happiness [Astor Bell 016]
  8. Himuro Yoshiteru – die everyday [Schwa! Records 05]
  9. Disastertron – Lullatwerp [archive.org]
  10. Tom Woxom – Herz aus Gold [Da ! Heard It Records 15]
  11. Riga – Kline / Coma [Chew-Z 022]
  12. Hoax – Torrid State [Gergaz 006]
  13. Schubotter – The Story About Spring [Plus Plus 012]
  14. Gonzalo Guarino – 16bits (Pandilla basura remix by Dirty Room) [Sweet Noise 004]
  15. Michal Wolski – The door is wide open – DAY [Minicromusic Rec. 006]
  16. Seimei & Taimei – Mediterranean Blue [Bump foot bump 154]
  17. Makkadessia – Garden, chick and man who don’t need [wavelike 06]
  18. Litmus – Keep Your Smile [Enough Records 270]
  19. Prémio Mistério – We were echoes [MiMi Records 169]
  20. The Crisis Project – This Is Me [BFW Recordings 123]
  21. El Sueño de La Casa Propia – Voluntad de oro (Sokio Remix) [Pueblo Nuevo 067]
  22. Varia – Don’t Resist [Enough Records 269]

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7 Antworten auf Podcast May 2011

  1. Andreas sagt:

    …wunderschöne sendung mal wieder und sicher das beste zum thema netlabel in der deutschen blog-szene.

    sonnige grüße vom rhein,


  2. Gonzalo guarino sagt:

    the remix for dirty room, 16 bits is by gonzalo guarino, not gonUzalo. Please edit it, thank uu

  3. Roland sagt:

    Done. Thanks & sorry.

  4. mika sagt:

    thanks for the difussion!
    Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel, Chile

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