Podcast October 2014

Machtdose Podcast October 2014

For the cover I used a photo by Daniel Ruswick [CC0 1.0]

This episode has definitely an emphasis on future music (as you may know one of my favorite genres), often enough in a chillwavian way. (I know this sounds silly :) ) Have fun with it and let me know what you liked or didn’t liked about it.

  1. Bronze Thesaurus – Afternoons CC BY-NC-SA
  2. Zach Fleury – Tarzan, On The Topic of Your Stepmother… CC BY-NC-ND
  3. Lie Craze – Home Without Her (feat. bumbovsky) [fwonk* FW151] CC BY-NC-SA
  4. HouseBreaker – I’m Here CC BY-NC-SA
  5. Cherax Destructor – kinship (from intangible sparks) CC BY-NC-SA
  6. Yitaku – Vermillion [Wepushbuttons] CC BY-NC-SA
  7. Lunamatic – Flowing Together [Night Swimmers Records] CC BY-NC-ND
  8. Fortune 600 – Don’t Cry CC BY-SA
  9. Form & Shape – throwdark CC BY
  10. Hypersleep – Your Orbit CC BY-NC
  11. Tesslesstess – Eila Island CC BY-NC
  12. William Crooks – Chromeboy [Growllective] CC BY
  13. Jives – Have You [Growllective] CC BY
  14. Eyerum – Just U [Growllective] CC BY
  15. Matt Blank & Thomas Prime – The Distance ft. Devan Marie [Cult Classic Records] CC BY-NC-SA
  16. The Broken Orchestra – Take Back The Day ft. Inyang Bassey [Cult Classic Records] CC BY-NC-SA
  17. Phaserland ft. Nikki – Hot Stunner [Retro Promenade] CC BY-SA
  18. Compilerbau – Walking Outer Space [Retro Promenade] CC BY-SA
  19. Copi Chon – Adele [Ezhevika music] CC BY-NC-ND
  20. Weldroid – Shanghai Madmen CC BY-NC-ND
  21. Shango – Black Sands [Noisybeat NYB-EXT 008] CC BY-NC-ND
  22. pop booth – curves [broque brq99] CC BY-NC-ND

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2 Gedanken zu „Podcast October 2014“

  1. Vielen Dank, dass wir wieder dabei sein durften! Aber auch insgesamt ein wunderbar zusammengetragener Podcast! Macht Spaß!

  2. Danke. Alles Gute übrigens zum 10jährigen… bin schon auf die 100 gespannt :)

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