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Podcast September 2008

For the cover I used a photo by peripathetic [CC BY-NC-SA]

The last days I was a little bit sick, therefore this has become a „quick and dirty“ produced episode, unfortunately especially all the moderation parts are really rubbish now, with volume and editing errors and a lot of noise in the background, sorry for that!

But I hope the episode is still endurable and you will enjoy it, because on the other side it’s full of great music, from guitars in slow movements to some nice dance parts. Also we have a bunch of new labels this month, with other words: there’s still a lot to discover out there…

  1. Pollux (Amduscias Records) – Monkey On The Moon mp3
  2. Sinuso Dial – Biology Part 1 mp3
  3. Thomas Maos (Zenapolæ) – chloe (to boris vian) mp3
  4. Ghosts and Strings (Resting Bell) – judgement day mp3
  5. entertainment for the braindead (aaahh records / aerotone) – run! mp3
  6. Human Terminal (rec72) – Earth Breath mp3
  7. Paradice (Deepwise) – Sunday mp3
  8. Planet Boelex & Lisa’s antenna (soft phase) – Angels mp3
  9. VERTICAL67 (acroplane) – Airwave mp3
  10. madame wish (insectorama) – Palline mp3
  11. Daniel Gardner (Thinner) – Under The Shower Tower mp3
  12. Hagen [B.] – M I Missing U (Zuckermann’s Radio Edit)
  13. Automatic Tasty (acroplane) – Big Bad mp3
  14. The Upstairs (Yes No Wave Music) – Televisi mp3
  15. A Smile for Timbuctu (Kazoomzoom) – Discomutante mp3
  16. Risch (petite&jolie) – And then the morning came mp3
  17. Bogdan (arhiva7) – Opus No. 2 mp3
  18. Laszlo Hollyfield (Rithmus) – Madrid mp3
  19. New Delhi FM (der kleine grüne Würfel) – Cable Pollution Results mp3
  20. Evil of Pain (SKRM1) – Souvenir mp3

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