Podcast September 2014

Machtdose Podcast September 2014

For the cover I used a photo „The Moon Within Reach“ by Gabriel Rojas Hruska [CC BY 2.0]

Summer holidays are over, I’ve had a little hangover after it. But now we’re back with a very colorful episode, I think.

  1. D3Zs – Sea Spray (Featuring L-Mega) [Blocsonic BSMX0094] CC BY-NC-ND
  2. P.SUS – Becoming [Dusted Wax Kingdom DWK277] CC BY-NC-ND
  3. MaDyn – The Much Needed Stillness Of The Universe CC BY
  4. Miracles of Modern Science – Swipe (feat. Kristin Slipp) CC BY-NC-SA
  5. Misty Aeons – Monday Storms CC BY-NC-ND
  6. MYFEVER – Disdain CC BY-SA
  7. duelectrum – She Doesn’t Feel The Sun CC BY-SA
  8. Tycho Brahé – La Distance aux Choses (remix) CC BY-NC-ND
  9. Tülpa – A Cabbage Named Fred ft. BLANKTS CC BY-NC-SA
  10. M.Rux – Joga (M.RUX EDIT) CC BY-NC-ND
  11. eg – ap mrt CC BY
  12. Setec – Water or Concrete [Feral Media] CC BY-ND
  13. Ends and the Ocean – Paper Trails CC BY
  14. Officer Jenny – Sway With Me CC BY-NC-ND
  15. Alexandre Klinke – Elegy CC BY-NC-SA
  16. Joe Frawley – Waterclock secrets CC BY-NC-ND
  17. Idiotek – trypo by void CC BY-NC-SA
  18. The Idiot Society – mr wonderful [MiMi Records mi233] CC BY-NC-ND
  19. Fourstep – Rio [Subwise SBWS178] CC BY-ND
  20. HOME- – Resonance [Midwest Collective] CC BY-SA
  21. Gran + – Lone Line [Bump Foot bump197] CC BY-NC-SA
  22. Poifox – Dark Horizons CC BY
  23. memory cards – Comatose [Mecha Yuri] CC BY
  24. Riajuu – 2Delicious [Mecha Yuri] CC BY

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2 Antworten auf Podcast September 2014

  1. Philip sagt:

    Thanks Roland!
    Have been waiting for this for some time now. Can’t wait to listen.

  2. Roland sagt:

    Thanks. Hope you like it also after listening :)

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