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No.27 – A Nod To Ed Ruscha

Irish graffiti artist Maser has covered his clashing patterns all over an abandoned petrol station in Limerick City somewhere in Ireland as part of a transformative urban art project. Maser titled the installation »No.27 – a nod to Ed Ruscha« – after an American pop art artist who published a collection of photographs titled »Twentysix Gasoline Stations«.

No.27 - A Nod To Ed Ruscha

Maser - No.27 – A Nod To Ed Ruscha

Maser - No.27 – A Nod To Ed Ruscha

Panic Room

An empty white room and the idea of Chaos: Tilt’s graffiti room in Marseille combines these two ideas perfectly. The Panic Room is a commissioned work for the Hôtel »Au vieux panier« that features five artist rooms once a year.

El Orden es Intangible

Typographic installation by Boa Mistura. Inspired by the poem »Order is« by Louis I. Khan, the piece involves an abstract furniture composition that only makes sense when is observed from one particular point, from where you can read the quote »order is intangible«. Before that Boa Mistura worked on a vibrant community project in Vila Brâsilandia, one of the favelas in São Paulo, Brazil.

Boa Mistura .

Boa Mistura – El Orden es Intangible

Boa Mistura – El Orden es Intangible

Boa Mistura – Orgulho

Boa Mistura – Firmeza

Bad Graffiti

Bad can sometimes be so good: BAD GRAFFITI is a current photography series documented throughout Detroit by Scott Hocking.

Penis – Vomit Man – Satan Detroit – Meow Cats Meow – Tortoise – Baby Tortoise – Masked Man – Smoking Man and Woman with Boobs

I Fucked Your Mom In The Ass Back Here, with Four Penises

Leather Daddy

Giant Penis Trumps All

Church of Dork