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A few invisible sculptures

What are we talking about when we talk about sculpture? New York based photographer Andrea Galvani calls widely accepted definitions of the medium into question. Thus A Few Invisible Sculptures: The Perception of Immateriality provides a sober and insightful reflection on the function of contemporary sculpture, radically extending its boundaries. The work consists of an interdisciplinary body of work including sound sculpture, drawings, text-based works, collages and photographs what the artist describes as an »architecture of the invisible«, a kind of intervention in form of a mobile sculpture.

A few invisible sculptures #1, Andrea Galvani © 2012

A few invisible sculptures #1, Andrea Galvani © 2012

A few invisible sculptures

A few invisible sculptures

All images © Aandrea Galvani.

Modern Ruin: Black Hole

For at least a year photographer Jeff Frost worked tirelessly to amass a collection of over 150.000 images which he used to create this amazing timelapse that you are about to see. »Modern Ruin: Black Hole« is an intoxicating combination of riots, wildfires, stunning cloud-filled vistas, and optical illusions. He describes his approach to finding the right groove as follows: »I would like to be clear that the riots in this film, which began right outside my front door, were set in motion when the Anaheim police department shot and killed an unarmed man last summer. When the residents of my neighborhood began protesting they showed up and shot into the crowd with rubber bullets, threw tear gas and released a K9 unit, which mauled one man’s arm. They would later say that releasing the dog was accidental. There’s quite a bit more to the story obviously, but I want to make sure that it’s well understood that the footage in this film is not meant to be consumed as a factual news item. It’s definitely taken out of the context of reality and used in another. It’s making art out of news.«

Plain Sight

Hiding in plain sight, the photograph skims across the skin of reality. Something I can watch over and over again.

Die Kamera als Waffe

Der Reuters-Fotograf Goran Tomasevic hat in Aleppo ein Foto gemacht, das uns vielleicht als Sinnbild des Krieges in Syrien im Gedächtnis bleiben wird. Eine Bildanalyse von Karen Krüger. [Link entfernt wg. LSR – Edit roland]

Day Driver

Rather curious arranged photographs filtered through the eyes and actions of Nepali citizens. Too stagy to be snapshots, the images suggest bizarre sitcoms in which there are several anomalous walk-on parts. American artist Stuart Hawkins has lived and worked in Nepal for many years.

Untitled (from Deluxe series), C-Print, 13 X 16 inches, 2008

Untitled (from Deluxe series), C-Print, 46 X 55 inches, 2008

»Day Driver«, C-Print, 21 X 40 inches, 2005/2006