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  • Collapsible Shelter

    Iconic product that aids survival and provides shelter and warmth. This simple and inexpensive construction is part of the »Collapsible Shelter« series constructed by Brooklyn-based artist Chat Travieso. His one-person structures are foldable and allow for easy set-up anywhere in ... Weiter →

  • Zwischen Programm und Offenheit

    Zustimmung: »Keine Stadt wird gut, wenn die Aufgabe, die sie zu erfüllen hat, nicht klar und klug formuliert ist, mit anderen Worten: wenn ihr Programm nicht stimmt. Ein Programm, das nur oder überwiegend Wohnungen vorsieht, erzeugt Schlafghettos, die tagsüber fast ... Weiter →

  • Washington DC

    An Atlanta native, Alex Brewer (better known as HENSE) has been working as a visual artist for almost two decades. His free-form paintings and public mural installations are exploding. One of his latest murals, a church in Washington DC, is ... Weiter →

  • Anamorphic Illusions

    For many, many years now, Felice Varini is one of the best in his genre. He masters the game with the illusion like no one else. Click to see many more of his fantastic anamorphic illusions. »Tre pentagoni nei  ...    <span class= Weiter →

  • LICHTER Streetview

    Steetview_hoch In 2013, a new festival section will rise up as part of the LICHTER - Filmfest Frankfurt International: Lichter Streetview! LICHTER uses a variety of media to recapture the seemingly lost ... Weiter →

  • The Moses Bridge

    Who says, that a bridge allways has to built across the river? This incredible sunken bridge located in the Netherlands is giving visitors a fascinating walk through a beautiful 17th Century Dutch fort. Yes, the waters have parted! The Dutch ... Weiter →

  • The Junk King

    Vince Hannemann a.k.a. the Junk King has spent much of his life constructing the Cathedral of Junk in Austin, TX. Since 1989 he has been collecting thousands of discarded objects and turning them into a giant outdoor installation. In 2010, ... Weiter →

Immer auf der Suche nach dem Flow, begeistern Gregor Maria Schubert und Roland Graffé sich für Trends, Widersprüche und Abseitiges in Kunst, Musik und Medien.

Machtdose entdeckt, kultiviert, archiviert, und teilt Glanzlichter der Popkultur und persönliche Vorlieben mit allen anderen Träumern, Liebhabern und Neugierigen.