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warp records

Rave – A Cellebration of British Dance

The world’s greatest male disco dancers are over 50, wear 80’s fashion outfits and got a weakness for performances in museums. »Rave – A Cellebration of British Dance« directed by Rollo Jackson is pitched as »a neon celebration of the dance« filmed on location at the recently renovated Tate Britain, with a soundtrack from Warp artist Rustie. Warp x Tate was held last December at London’s major museum.

Warp x Tate from Rollo Jackson

Commissioned by Dazed & Confused Magazine.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Problem Areas

Daniel Lopatin’s new Oneohtrix Point Never album »R Plus Seven« stands shortly before the release via new label home Warp. Previously watch the eye-catching hyper-real music video from artist Takeshi Murata for his first single »Problem Areas«.

Yet Again

Brooklyn experimental rockers Grizzly Bear have released a clip for »Yet Again«, taken from their new album »Shields«. The symbolic journey of a figure skater. The video was directed by Emily Kai Bock.


Putty Boy Strut

He did it again. No idea why, but it seems to be an honour to be listed as a director of Flying Lotus. His catalogue of good exceptional music clips is long. This is the brand new video for »Putty Boy Stru«, an animated masterpiece directed by Cyriak. His forthcoming album release »Until the Quiet Comes« features Erykah Badu, Laura Darlington, Niki Randa, Thundercat, Thom Yorke & more. Don’t miss.

Until The Quiet Comes

Flying Lotus – »Until The Quiet Comes« directed by Kahlil Joseph. Steven Ellison, known as Flying Lotus, is back with a new album called »Until the Quiet Comes« which is available in autumn on Warp Records. As always there is a wonderful video, this time made by director Khalil Joseph and of course, as a Flylo fan, I am suprised to hear this song, as you may be – his sound has become a lot more sense.

Kill Your Co-Workers

Video zu »Kill Your Co-Workers« von der neuen Flying-Lotus-EP »Pattern+Grid World«. Was süß beginnt, muss böse enden. Genial, Characters und Storyline. Kommt von Beeple a.k.a. Mike Winkelmann.

Download all 3D character files free at beeple-crap.com.