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Ban on dancing

Curious things happen these days in Frankfurt, Germany. Based on a law of 1971, it is forbidden to dance in hessia on public holidays like Good Friday, Ascension Day or Whit Monday. Failure to comply is a crime, punishable by withdrawal of the licence for club owners. In the last decades justice was not really rigorous in its interpretation. This status has changed drastically. The head of the Public Order Office in Frankfurt, Volker Stein (FDP), instructed a tougher stance on this law. With consequences. In the future it is not only on paper forbidden to dance on these days and police has already reacted with stricter controls. You can imagine what people here in Frankfurt think about this highly restrictive and bureaucratic advances. Some activists decided to collect signatures for a petition, which is ending soon. Further information can be found in an article of the Frankfurter Rundschau.