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Some new video releases to enjoy.

They Might Be Giants‘ awesome new kids‘ video

Astronomy Class
Where You At? (directed by Deep Creative), in 2009 Astronomy Class released their second album, »Pursuit of Happiness«, moving deeper into hip hop territory, though seen through the resinous lens of a passion for reggae. The single feat. Vida-Sunshyne & Kween G (KillaQueenz).

AirSing Sang Sung (directed by Petra Mrkyz & Jean-François Moriceau), Jean-Benoit Dunckel about Air-Videos: »I have a lot of difficulties to feel close to the videos that we do. I make a record and I’m on a ‚trip‘ — the video is someone else’s trip. It’s the director’s trip, it’s not my trip«. Counterproductive but nevertheless a good video.

Grizzly Bear
While You Wait for the Others (directed by Sean Pecknold), there are no human faces shown in the new video. The video’s star is hidden behind a fencing mask as a myriad of stop-motion knick knacks attempt to ruin his peace.

They Might Be Giants
Meet the Elements (directed by Feel Good Anyway), molecules and chemical elements are the focus of this video for They Might Be Giants. Herausragender Lehrfilm. Auch fein: Das Video wurde unter einer Creative-Commons-Lizenz veröffentlicht (»This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License permitting non-commercial sharing with attribution«).

Fever RaySeven (directed by Johan Renck), ihre Videos machen mir langsam Angst. Nach »If I Had a Heart«, »Triangle Walks« und »When I Grow Up« hier nun schon das vierte Video aus dem geichnamigen Fever-Ray-Album. Pathos und Wahnsinn.

Urban Delights vs. Bikinirama
Break It All Down (directed by Bikinirama + Sven Schönmann), this is a video joint venture with Bikinirama. The Highlights of their history of destroying status symbols like iPhones and Macbooks interweave with Urban Delights hitting their instruments and screaming out loud: »We’ve got to break it all down!«

Eels – »That Look You Give That Guy« (directed by Gus Black), a new music video from Eels starring Padma Lakshmi. Mark Oliver Everetts beard is amazing and the end of the clip surely comes as a surprise.

The xxBasic Space (directed by Anthony Dickenson). Sicher kein Meisterwerk, baut aber trotzdem eine schöne Stimmung auf. The xx sollte man dieser Tage hören, mit oder ohne Video.

Martin Solveig
Boys & Girls (directed by Jean-Paul Gaultier), this video was shot in the mythic Jean-Paul Gaultier store in 6 rue Vivienne, 2e Paris.

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