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Podcast April 2009

For the cover I used a photo by baboon [CC BY-NC]

This time really counts the beat: we have a lot of instrumental / abstract hiphop stuff and various urban-world music pieces, samples of Charles Manson and Sergio Leone’s „Duck You Sucker“, some elegic chansons and more netlabels than usual which we never played before. Fun is guarenteed.

  1. Nobara Hayakawa – Homelessness [intervall-audio 005]
  2. northvia – closer [Lost Children 061]
  3. Beautiful Bird – Japan 8mm [stigae music 011]
  4. The Collapsible Mammals – Summering [Vaatican Records Sampler 9]
  5. Azeda Booth – Samoan Girls [23seconds 031]
  6. Fucksia – Glisan [muertepop 015]
  7. Bulimic Orgy – Put Stones In My Hands [Dusted Wax Kingdom 034]
  8. edison – the ghosts in this building are absolutely serious [IVDT 069]
  9. Heinemann521 – Numb Collective [MiMi Records 105]
  10. Skip – Eye Earth [Caoutchou Records 002]
  11. &Lz – L’irrémédiable [Knovel Records 007]
  12. Hey Chica! – Issues [The Poni Republic]
  13. Yellowhead – Birdie’s Life [Heavy Mental 56]
  14. The Last Merendina – Pepita Monita! [Barbie Noja Records 022]
  15. Makac – March of the Beggars [Vaatican Records Sampler 11]
  16. Vernon Lenoir – Cudna Jada Od Mostara Grada [Proot Records 007]
  17. Renzu – Kuda-gitsune [Bump Foot 096]
  18. Phour Trakk – Bhang Lassi [Cologne Commons 001 + Ideology 051]
  19. RuiD – Astral Code 9 [bypass 022]
  20. Slava – Come Closer [Moment Sound 006]
  21. Sascha Müller – Contrast [diggarama 032]
  22. Portabot – Out [12rec 055]

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6 Gedanken zu „Podcast April 2009“

  1. Hii Roland
    This is one of the most interesting podcast episodes I have heard in a long time. A high quality journey in the netaudio-scene. You really picked some pearls this time!
    And thanks a lot for playing music from 23 Seconds Netlabel again. See if I can help you to spread the word about Machtdose! Respect!

    Cheers from Sweden
    Johan Lundin

  2. Hi Johan, thanks for your feedback.
    I’m happy about every promotion you can give this little show..
    BTW: it’s easy to pickup pearls if you grab in a treasure chest!

  3. First time poster, long time listener. You never cease to amaze me at how many great new artists you find, with so many excellent tracks. A big thank you to you on behalf of the many many non-posters out there for all your hard work on giving us amazing music.

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