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Podcast April 2012

Machtdose Podcast April 2012
For the cover I used a photo by Carol Sawada [CC BY-NC 2.0]

I think, this is quite an episode! Lots of fun to make it. We have, simply said, nearly everthing. Most talented Singersongwriters, dope / sick Hiphop beats, a choir singing Video game tunes, broken dance melodies – and Dubstep proving it IS based on alien death threats. Leave a comment, fellow listeners, to say what you think about it.

  1. Malefique – Drop [Grappa Frisbee Records 039]
  2. Nujab3x – Luv Sic For The Rhyme Spit
  3. Niteffect – Loop for Life [GnS Compilation]
  4. MuteMornings – On The Ceiling
  5. Run Dan Run – Lovesick Animal [Hearts and Plugs]
  6. MeDo’s Little Trap* – Lake [La bèl netlabel 014]
  7. Ed Tullett – Father Figurine
  8. Ed Tullett – Teeth
  9. mmpsuf – The rooms [Sutemos 031]
  10. Mike Holstein – in the clear
  11. Video Game Music Choir – Nightsong
  12. Sandro Chiaravalle – grid 1-8 [Ephedrina 025]
  13. EKT – Paprika [Amok Recordings]
  14. Ganucheau – earth [False Profit Records]
  15. edPorth – Make room
  16. The Cyclist – Technicolor! (beaunoise Remix) [Crash Symbols]
  17. Parallels and Lies vs. CTRL_ALT_DSTRY – Stampede (#godcode re-edit)
  18. knife city – just trash [8bitpeoples 125]
  19. Seki Yukio feat. Mr. Blackout – Liberty Island [Subbass subBASSTARDS 2]
  20. RedRaw – On Fire [Subbass subBASSTARDS 2]

*Sorry to MeDo’s Little Trap: Said the band’s name incorrectly in the show and also it’s now wrong on the cover. Dumb me. I beg your pardon.

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6 Gedanken zu „Podcast April 2012“

  1. >Hi[…] April gibts auch schon :)

    …sorry roland, dauert immer etwas länger bis ich die neuen folgen entdecke, weil ich meistens noch mit dem intensiven hören der alten beschäftigt bin :-)

    lg vom rhein


  2. Hi Andreas, komme gerade aus dem Urlaub zurück: prima, gleich was zum Anhörn. Darf ich ein bisschen Werbung für die Compilation machen? Gruß

  3. >Darf ich ein bisschen Werbung für die Compilation machen?

    hallo roland,

    na klar ;-)



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