Podcast August 2010

For the cover I used a photo by Claudio Mufarrege [CC BY-NC-SA]

As the most times we start very cautious to get more tempo until the endand again you have the whole way from dreamy, melancholic melodies to danceable stuff (for instance a real funk bomb is waiting for you…). I hope you like it and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

  1. Cldscp – Sade [LibreCommeLair Carte Blanche 04]
  2. Maps & Transit – Sacred Harps [Camomille 001]
  3. Geotic – At Our Cabin In The Woods [@ freemusicarchive]
  4. Mosaic Mosaic – On Return (with Vlantis) [Bump Foot 147]
  5. Miltata – Romara [MiMi Records 144]
  6. akey – Fallen Leaves [MiMi Records 139]
  7. The Best Pessimist – The Sea, The Night, The Stars, The Light [Lost Children 084]
  8. Korine Conception – Glow In Transparancy Aurora [BfW Recordings 035 & StoneAge Records 025]
  9. AlDDao – Crazy love show [Rawmatroid Class 002]
  10. Azoora – Tension [23seconds 047]
  11. Jovenes y Sexys – Divine Hammer (Nuuro Re-Remake) [The Poni Republic]
  12. Bazooka Circus – Mafuf Hearts [Gluteus Maximus]
  13. Bacalao – Sonate pour viole de gambe et clavecin [@freemusicarchive]
  14. Funk Ferret – I Gotta Funky Thing [Budabeats 014]
  15. Elphy Ant – Torment [Bump Foot 146]
  16. KenLo Craqnuques – Lokombe moka [@ freemusicarchive]
  17. Makkadessia – Moonou (Ill-Luzion Remix) [Wavelike 02]
  18. Subsotano – Perricot [Qubit Sound 012]
  19. James McConaghew – Coldlime [rawmatroid club 001]
  20. Marc Bestgen – Best Lap Pool [Audiocast Productions 030]

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6 Antworten auf Podcast August 2010

  1. FunkFerret sagt:

    Thanks for playing ‚I Gotta Funky Thing‘ :)

  2. Thank you for playing my track Best Lap Best Pool ! Marc Bestgen

  3. Azoora sagt:

    Cheers for playing us on the show! :)

  4. wavelike sagt:

    hey .. cooler mix und danke für die wavelike promo :) lg

  5. Thank you for playing two tracks from Mimi Records catalog.
    We are very happy and we love Matchdose podcast ♥

  6. hyronimus sagt:

    Geiler Podcast, muss man schon sagen…

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